Holistence Academy

Holistence Academy was established in 2016 and continues its activities in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Technopark.


Global Academic Network

Many international congresses and exhibitions are organized by Holistence Academy in Turkey and other countries. Researchers, writers, scientists, artists … many participants from different parts of the world meet at Rating Academy projects and events.


We believe that all kinds of corporate activities, whether on a local, national or global scale, should be evaluated and graded independently and according to scientific criteria and presented to the public in a transparent manner. With such evaluations and ratings, the efficiency, transparency, competitiveness, and usefulness of the institutions to their stakeholders and society will increase. As a company, it is our basic mission to carry out such evaluation and rating activities for companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions and to offer them to the service of institutions and society. It is within our mission to produce projects, make publications, provide training and organize meeting organizations on this subject.



Our vision is to become a company that is universally accepted in evaluating and rating companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions on different subjects; is to lead for a healthier restructuring of society on a global scale with the training/meeting activities we organize and the academic publications we make, and to implement pioneering projects on these issues.

Holistence Brands


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Academic Platform

Academic event management system run and managed by Holistence Academy


Holistence Publications

Holistence Publications is a print and electronic book publishing platform as an international publishing house.


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